Advocacy & Peace Building

To promote peace and stability in Mandera County, Kenya and South Central Zone, Somalia, we work towards an empowered governance and security structure, focusing on supporting community-led peacebuilding and reconciliation, accountable governance, and protection of human rights

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)

Through extensive technical experience, we have successfully provided sustainable access to safe and clean water, sanitation, and hygiene for both displaced persons and host communities in Somalia and Kenya.

Education In Emergencies

At NAPAD, we recognize the barriers to education faced by children who are at risk of exploitation, early child marriage, child labour, and those from low-income households in Kenya and Somalia.

Economic Empowerment

One of our primary goals is to strengthen the ability of these communities to produce more food and fodder for their livestock to improve their is to improve their live hood sources and strengthen their resilience, diversify their incomes..

Disaster Management and Emergency Response

During times of crisis, NAPAD has provided emergency food relief, access to clean water, access to cash assistance, to the  affected target communities…

Climate Change Adaptation

We have introduced and adapted climate-smart agriculture among agro-pastoral communities in Mandera, Kenya and Somalia. Additionally, we promote the adoption of environmentally friendly alternative energy…

Working Towards a Just Society

Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development (NAPAD) seeks to build resilience and improve the quality of life by empowering communities in the Horn Of Africa through sustainable development initiatives.

Our Programmatic Approach efforts are focused on ensuring that vulnerable and poverty stricken  pastoral and agro-pastoral communities have equal access to peace, quality life and sustainable development. We achieve this by supporting communities to actively participate and influence socio-economic and political development processes that address the needs of the disadvantaged.

We focus on interventions and sectors that generate high impact results for our targeted communities.

Our focus areas address the felt needs of communities in:

    1. Economic Empowerment,
    2. Education in Emergencies,
    3. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH),
    4. Disaster Management & Emergency Responce
    5. Climate Change Adaptation and
    6. Peace & Advocacy.

NAPAD Mandera Program Humanitarian Appeal

A Humanitarian Call to Mitigate Loss of Lives and Prevent Disease Outbreaks in Flood-Affected Areas of the Mandera Triangle. At the forefront of relief operations in flood-affected areas, Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development seeks your partnership.

• Provide emergency food aid for displaced households.
• Provide safe drinking water for domestic use.
• Provide hygiene kits for displaced households to mitigate against AWDs/cholera

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About us

We seeks to build resilience and improve the quality of life by empowering communities in the Horn Of Africa through sustainable development initiatives…

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