Climate Change Adaptation Programs

Smart Adaptation Initiatives and Projects to Combat Climatic Changes.

Hectares of land under solar powered irrigation

Hectares of land rehabilitated through agroforestry

Solarized water supply infrastructures established

Climate Change Adaptation Programs: Adaptation to Climate change

NAPAD recognizes the need to increase community resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change among vulnerable communities in Mandera and Somalia.

To achieve this, we have introduced and adapted climate-smart agriculture among agro-pastoral communities in Mandera, Kenya and Somalia.

Additionally, we promote the adoption of environmentally friendly alternative energy, community afforestation through agroforestry initiatives, and implement soil erosion measures.

We have also installed solar-powered irrigation infrastructure, promoted water harvesting, and provided livelihood support in the target communities. Through an integrated approach to water management and agriculture, we aim to enhance water access and use in the target communities and increase livelihood sources for community members.

Our interventions also aim to decrease climate-related emergencies by promoting better disaster preparedness for communities. By implementing these measures, we strive to build community resilience and foster sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa.

Climate change agriculture training in Border Point One Village, Mandera.

Bounty Coriander harvest at NAPAD’s Kabasa farm

Farmers field day in Border Point One village, Mandera, Kenya

Climate Smart Agriculture Training in Border Point One Village, Mandera Couty, Kenya

Solar-powered water pumping system in Fiqow Village, Mandera County, Kenya.

Livelihood-saving livestock treatment.

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