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NAPAD Complaint ReportingĀ  Line

Welcome to the NAPAD Complaint Reporting Line.

You can report any misconduct or integrity incident, involving NAPAD operations or personnel, especially violations of applicable laws, the Code of Conduct orĀ  organization regulations and policies such as Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Child Protection, Anti-Harassment Guidelines, Fraud and Corruption, Security Regulations, Security e.t.c via this reporting system.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Napad Head Offices


41, Sports Road, Off Rhapta Road, Westlands, Nairobi-Kenya. Telephone: 020 262 5245


Wadajir district, Jaale Siyaad Rd, Near Peace Hotel, Mogadishu, Telephone: +252 615 861 983, Toll Free No: 1777


Bole Next to Sheger Building, Alem Desu Building, 4th Floor No:404, Telephone:+251 9948 49003


Working Towards a Just Society

Nomadic Assistance for Peace And Development (NAPAD) seeks to build resilience and improve the quality of life by empowering communities in the Horn Of Africa through sustainable development initiatives.

(+254) 020 2625245

41, Sports Rd, Off Rhapta Rd,Westlands, Nairobi-Kenya.


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