Disaster Management & Emergency Response

Providing life-saving emergency response to communities

Households received emergency food relief.

Households received Multipurpose Cash Assistance.

Households received WASH NFIs.

Disaster Management & Emergency Response

NAPAD together with her partners, play a vital role in providing lifesaving emergency response to communities affected by humanitarian crises in Kenya and Somalia, including drought, floods, and conflict.

During times of crisis, NAPAD has provided emergency food relief, access to clean water, access to cash assistance, to the affected target communities.

To ensure prompt response to emergencies and promote resilience against the effects of climate change and conflict, NAPAD has developed an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, which includes country-based early warning systems.

Through these measures, we strive to alleviate the impact of emergencies on vulnerable populations and enhance their capacity to withstand future shocks.

Families forced to move due to the severe impact of drought
Drought in the Horn of Africa
Multipurpose Cash Assistance for Mama Ibaado,53 in Somalia
Flash floods in Mandera, Kenya

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