Livelihoods Development:

Pastoralist Livelihoods, Agriculture sector, Women and youth Economic empowerment

Livestock have received animal disease treatment and care.(PASTROLIST LIVELIHOOD)

Women and Youth engaged in alternative and diversified income generating activities. (WOMEN AND YOUTH ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT)

Smallholder farmers have benefitted from climate resilient agriculture promotion.(AGRICULTURAL SECTOR)

Economic Empowerment:   Livelihoods, Women & Youth, Livestock

In order to strengthen the inclusion and resilience of smallholder businesses in Somalia, and to promote gender equality in entrepreneurship, NAPAD has undertaken a program to empower smallholder businesswomen and youth. This allows them to turn their businesses into decent income-generating opportunities, and to diversify their income sources. To achieve this, NAPAD together with her partners provides in-kind business support to the smallholders, and offers financial literacy training on basic accounting, record-keeping, marketing skills, and access to business credit through voluntary savings and loan through linkages created with local banks. By empowering smallholder businesswomen and youth, we hope to contribute to the overall economic development and resilience of Somalia.

Livelihood Development

NAPAD through its interventions aims to break the cycle of poverty among vulnerable and marginalized communities in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

One of our primary goals is to strengthen the ability of these communities to produce more food and fodder for their livestock to improve their live hood sources and strengthen their resilience, diversify their incomes, and improving the nutrition status of the most vulnerable members, including malnourished children under five and pregnant and lactating mothers.

Hilaac and Wadajir company business products (Hair Shampoo & Honey)
Women and youth business empowerment in Kahda and Garasbaley IDP Camps.
NAPAD TukTuk Business Empowerement initiative, Somalia
NAPAD Entrepreneuship workshop
Businesswoman shop supported by NAPD Economic Empowerment initiative
Kismayo Women Economic Empowerment Project

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